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KJ Graphics is a developing company aimed at offering excellent graphics services to people around the world with ease and at affordable offers. we also aim at Glorifying the name of Christ as we do it.

We receive an order from the client. We confirm the order by contacting the client.

We then Assign a professional to work on the project. He/she will be in contact with the client to make sure that the client gets exactly what he/she want.

Once the client is satisfied with the final project, he/she is invoiced and asked to pay for it so as to receive the clear copy of the files he ordered for.

If project contains physical items, the client will be asked to pick the items or delivery will be made to his/ her address

KJ is an abbreviation meaning King Jesus. We believe that all things were created by and through Christ Jesus and being a fun of his beautiful artwork we chose to name ourselves after him.

With small projects which involve design, the client has to pay only after he is satisfied with the Design. If the client is not satisfied he is free to terminate the project.

However, there are projects/ services where the client has to pay in advance before the project is worked on e.g. Printing service. Depending on the nature of the project and work involved to complete, the client can also pay in installments for example website development projects.

How to pay: Currently there are two major payment methods that’s by Mobile Money or by cash. We are working on other payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard, visa etc.

Please not that we do not proceed with work not until the client is satisfied with it. When the clients needs the items worked on delivered, he/she has to state his desired location for delivery. We shall calculate the cost for him/her. Once there is agreement, Delivery will be made to that location.

Unfortunately currently we do not offer cash on delivery accept if the client is trusted.

Before payment is made, the client will be receiving watermarked designed jpeg image files.

Once payment s made the client will receive high quality JPG/ PNG image files and PDF file for the design.

Editable files like AI/ PSD if needed by the client they have to pay extra for them. The client does not own the right to the editable design. A fee has to be paid for the file. Contact us if interested to know how much is to be paid

Once the design has been paid for, the client can use the files sent to him the way he/ she desires. However the client does not own the right to the editable files of the design that means that he can not receive the editable files unless he pays a fee which varies depending on the design.